Copywriting is foreign to many people. To help you gain a basic understanding of fitness copywriting and how our service works, here are the most common questions asked by new clients.

Due to the fact Fitness Copywriter receives so many people wanting a phone consultation; we require an appointment and charge a fee of $50. The company operates entirely online, and this means our best method of communication is electronic. However, the high quality of fitness copywriting we provide has resulted in more clients and popularity, so we do offer limited phone consults.


Yes, we do. Upon request and for an additional fee. So, if you’re looking for a fitness copywriter, health copywriter, or supplement copywriter to optimize your content with keywords, then contact us now.

It’s easy! Just fill out the service application form and let us know what your needs are and your deadlines. We’ll get back to you within one to two business days, once we have evaluated your needs. Fitness Copywriter is a team of top copywriters ready to help you captivate your market, strengthen your brand, convert, and sell.

Each client’s project is evaluated on an individual basis. We look at the following areas to calculate the quote:  format, word count, research, difficulty, and revisions.  Every fitness copywriting project is unique and will require a different approach, but we will provide you with a detailed quote that explains each milestone and price. To learn more about our fitness copywriting service and to find out if we can work within your budget, complete the service “application” today.


The reason we take the time to understand your project thoroughly ahead of time is to ensure the copy you receive is as close to what you imagined as possible. After we’ve reviewed your service “application,” you’ll receive samples. Be sure to take a minute to look through them to get a better idea of our work and whether it will suit your needs.

A large part of fitness copywriting is research. Our experienced fitness copywriters know how to find the necessary information about your market, including: your competition, how others sell in your niche, and who your clients are.  In fact, you could say that copywriting is the simplest part of the job. In order to provide you with top quality copy, we will discuss anything we don’t understand with you to clarify.

Fitness copywriting, health copywriting, supplement copywriting, muscle building copywriting, and weight loss copywriting are just a handful of our speciality service areas. While Fitness Copywriter is comfortable with creating content on nearly any topic within the health and fitness niche, there are a few areas we prefer not to work on. If your topic is outside our comfort zone, we’ll decline your project and let you know.

There are two ways to set up payment with us. Long-term or ongoing projects: We can set up a monthly copywriting marketing retainer, which will be paid up front each month. This entitles you to a certain amount of copywriting each month. One-time projects: For this type of work, we require a deposit of 75% of the project cost up front. This is non-refundable. Upon delivery of the final copy, you’ll be required to pay the remaining 25%. All fees are in US dollars, and we require a $1,500 minimum order. You can pay via credit card through PayPal. Contact us today for more information.

We are a fitness copywriting company and prefer to focus our time and energy on creating great copy the fitness, fat loss, muscle building, supplements, and health markets. However, when possible we will refer you to trusted graphic designers in our network, if desired.

When you desperately need fitness copywriting in a hurry, we can provide faster service for a fee. Up against a last-minute launch deadline? Looking for a fitness copywriter, health copywriter, or supplement copywriter to help you in a hurry? Contact us now.


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