Surefire Cures to a Slow Sales Period

Sales slowdowns are inevitable.

It might be the economy, it might be a holiday, or it just might be the season. For whatever reason, they happen – but you don’t have to just accept it.

Instead, you can get proactive and go rustle up some sales.

Here’s what to do: Create a short report, sell it to your list and then make even more money on the backend. Let me explain in more detail…

Sales are slow, meaning your prospects might not be ready to haul out the credit card for a three or four figure product.

Instead, you can hit them up with a cheap report – about $10 to $15 – which is a “no brainer” price. Not only will you get your existing customers lining up with cash in hand, you’re also likely to get a nice conversion rate on new customers.

The trick is to create something that your market really wants. You can do this by visiting to see what kinds of topics are really popular right now. You should also have a sense of what sorts of products your list has been gobbling up in recent times.

Tip: You may even ask your list to see what they want. But keep in mind that the best way to deliver a profitable product is by creating something similar to those that are already selling. Sometimes what people say they want isn’t actually what they’ll buy.

Once you’ve selected your topic, create your report. It can be as few as 5000 words, so you should be able to complete it within a day or so.

Now before you unleash this product, you need to create a 7-12 part autoresponder series for those who purchase this new report. This autoresponder series should seek to sell related offers to your list.

Here’s what your series might look like:

Email #1, immediately: Thank customer for order and recommend a related product.

Email #2, 2 days later: Remind customer of the benefits of the report they just purchased and then recommend a related product.

Email #3, 2-3 days later: Give your customer a tip that’s related to the report they just purchased along with a recommendation for a related product.

Email #4 and on… about once a week you can send out a newsletter that includes an article (or even just a short tip) alongside a product recommendation.

Tip: You may sell your own products (which is preferable) or you can recommend affiliate products. You may even create a series of short (related) reports and sell them on the backend.

Next, it’s time to write your sales materials and then promote your product. You can tell your list, blog about it, get affiliates, mention it to your social networks, use articles marketing, use video marketing, etc.

In short, promote it just like any product and enjoy your automatic backend profits.

We could stop here. But you can squeeze even more cash out of the report with this last step…

Now that you have a proven product and sales copy on your hands, you can make even more money by licensing the rights to this product to others.

Example:You can sell 100 licenses for $50 each. And as a nice bonus, any links you put into your report will bring in a nice backend income for you.


Don’t let a sales slump shrivel your paycheck!

Just use this simple four-step plan to pull in thousands of dollars quickly.

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